Societal commitment


Eco-logical, smart, connected, community-minded, focused on their residents and their well-being. That’s what tomorrow’s cities will be all about.

To build sustainable, attractive cities, ATENOR has set itself ambitious, strict guidelines for involvement and development

  • Choice of locations: in the heart of the communication nodes, right next to public transport.
  • Daring, high-quality architecture: the urban landscape should make everyone want to visit town, stroll around and linger.
  • Choice of materials and techniques: sustainable materials, cutting-edge technology, recycling techniques for garbage and wastewater, e-vehicle charging points…
  • Projects that bring together: public spaces, gardens, walks, services – a blend of functions and generations in harmonious spaces, making for a pleasant, attractive city.

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Give a new lease of life

What’s more, ATENOR breathes life into derelict industrial sites or abandoned neighbourhoods, turning them into new living and working spaces, and reconnecting them with the city.

But reshaping cities is also about supporting the development of entrepreneurship, arts and culture, promoting soft mobility and encouraging new ways of life


Street Art enlivens the city

Acting for cities is all about beautifying them, breathing life into them and making them attractive to those who live, work and relax there or who are just passing through. keen to move a little further forward in its role as an urban actor, ATENOR has opted to take a sideways look at cities through Street Art. This is how the partnership with the photographer BENOÎT FERON was born. Sharing the same passion for cities, their history, their citizens and their evolution, ATENOR and BENOÎT FERON have joined forces to launch the exhibition « Art for Cities ».
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