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Mushrooms for construction

1 July 2020

Mushrooms for construction

Everybody knows that in the Smurf village housing are mushroom huts. In real life this is not the case, even though building professionals are studying how these plants could be used in concrete! It is generally accepted that construction and housing account for about 39% of humanity’s carbon footprint. In addition, the construction sector generates …

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How to prepare for a future where it is likely to be difficult to be packed on a bus or a train? Bicycles, not cars, will make cities more accessible. Cities around the world have had to adapt their infrastructure quickly to the mobility challenges posed by Covid-19. Berlin has turned car parks into pop-up …

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The role of Marthe Nyssens is unique in the world. In fact, she is the only vice-rector in a university management team who is mainly in charge of subjects related to the social and ecological transition. Divercity met with her to discuss some aspects of this ambitious programme, which will concern each of the 35,000 …

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The capital of the Netherlands has adopted an ambitious post-Covid economic programme, inspired by a model named after the famous American doughnut. Its objective: to combine economic prosperity, social progress and ecological transition. Doughnut theory Kate Raworth is an economist who is dedicated to the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century. She described …

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