Art for Cities


Street Art enlivens the city

Acting for cities is all about beautifying them, breathing life into them and making them attractive to those who live, work and relax there or who are just passing through. Keen to move a little further forward in its role as an urban actor, ATENOR has opted to take a sideways look at cities through Street Art. This is how the partnership with the photographer BENOÎT FERON was born. Sharing the same passion for cities, their history, their citizens and their evolution, ATENOR and BENOÎT FERON have joined forces to launch the exhibition « Art for Cities ».

Due to the current exceptional circumstances and to take care of your safety, the exhibition ‘Art for Cities’ in Bucharest is postponed.

We remain active and stick to our original schedule :
From 2 to 17 April, embark on our virtual journey.

Have a look at what the streets of Bucharest have to offer.



With its undeniable historical past, the city of Berlin is a symbol of renewal, redevelopment and rebirth. Following the fall of the Berlin Wal, la thriving art scene emerged within the city. The need for expression gave way to magnificent works of street art.


ART FOR CITIES is the story of a Belgian photographer and a Belgian Real Estate Developer discovering together the hidden wonders of living cities. Only Brussels, the beating heart of Europe, could be the starting point of that story!


Without a doubt, one of the most impressive cities among the 8 cities where ATENOR is developing projects. Thanks to its rich historical past, Bucharest hides a lot of abandoned and impressive places, both by their size, their architecture and what they have become over time.


Budapest is well known for its nightlife in ruined pubs. These bars are the symbol of the conversion of obsolete and abandoned places. They offer impressive scenes mixing old architectures, street art and living together.


When taking its first steps on the Portuguese market in 2019, ATENOR discovered the dynamic city of Lisbon. Known for its street art and its freedom of artistic expression, the city of Lisbon is a breeding ground to redevelopment and retraining innovation of all kinds.


Mainly active in Belval, ATENOR has been involved in Luxembourg urban development for many years. ATENOR currently develops 4 real estate projects in the Grand Duchy and thus actively participates in the urban renewal of Luxembourg cities.


Known all over the world, the city of Paris offers many wonders. Districts are constantly evolving and renewing. Impressive frescoes and street art works flourish between the abandoned industrial areas and the new buildings under construction


Recently active in Warsaw, ATENOR is now developing two real estate projects in this promising city. Warsaw is an important artistic and cultural center but is also a major financial and player in Central Europe.

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