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Gross Dividend of € 2.31 per share

24 April 2020 – The Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of 24 April 2020 decided to distribute a gross dividend of 2.31 Euro per share for a total amount of 13.01 million Euro.
This dividend is consistent with the announcement made on 9 March when the annual results were published. The current crisis, however exceptional it may be, does not question the financial balances and the medium and long-term prospects of ATENOR. This dividen, after deduction of witholding tax (30%), amounts to 1.617 € per share.

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DE MOLENS, Deinze : Filing of the single permit

22 April 2022 : Despite exceptional circumstances, ATENOR and 3D Real Estate are continuing their operations with the same drive and announce that a request for a Single Permit (Omgevingsvergunning) for the first phase of site development has been filed.
The issuance of the Single Permit is expected, taking into account the situation due to the Covid-19 crisis, by the end of the year and will be followed by a rapid start of the construction works.
The Single Permit submitted includes the development of a first phase of 106 residential units and 795 m² dedicated to retail or offices areas. In consultation with the city of Deinze, ATENOR and 3D Real Estate plan to develop a high-quality project that meets the expectations of the city and its inhabitants.
The project is ideally located in the center of Deinze and along the Lys.

De Molens - Deinze


ARENA BUSINESS CAMPUS - Budapest - Building 'A' completed and deadline met

20 April 2020 – ATENOR started the construction of the project located along boulevard Hungária in District VIII, in the spring of 2018. ARENA BUSINESS CAMPUS is an outstanding quality office complex of four ‘A+’ category and sustainable buildings on 72,000 m2 .
The construction of the first, Building “A” has now been completed. The authorization of the occupancy permit is currently under process. The 21,000 m2 office building has met the deadline of the original schedule, the official hand-over will be in June.
In parallel, the construction of the second, Building ”B” is in full swing and will be completed in the second quarter of 2021.
In this particular period, ATENOR underlines that it has been present on the Budapest office market since 2008, and it writes a unique success story as five buildings of its first local project, the six-building Váci Greens office complex, have been sold and 100,000 m2 of the total 123,000 m2 office space have been leased to renowned tenants, the last leasing contract was concluded on 20 March 2020.

Arena Business Campus - 10


ATENOR publishes its Corporate Journal

Through its Corporate Journal, ATENOR invites you to (re)discover its missions, its values, its international strategy and its societal commitment.

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Mission and values

Driven by the same values, we share the same mission:  to imagine and design a more sustainable, more open, more connected and more accessible city.

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European commitment

We believe in the future of cities and of Europe. We aspire to create or give entire districts new impetus so as to revitalize the urban fabric and improve the life of citizens.

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Excellence and diversity

We are convinced that audacity, diversity and opening onto the world constitute a source of innovation and value creation. Guided by our passion and the search for excellence, we are a committed and responsible stakeholder.

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Integrity and transparency

Our ethical principles are shaping our culture and making our reputation: integrity in management, respect for the environment in which we work, entrepreneurial courage, and transparent communication.



Shareholders who invest in ATENOR expect a return. Our mission therefore is to create value by implanting a clear and widely disseminated strategy.



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Bakerstreet Budapest


Hungary, Budapest
Lankelz - Esch-sur-Alzette


Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette
Fort 7 - Warsaw

Fort 7

Poland, Warsaw




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DivercityMag invites you to (re)discover it through a voyage that will introduce you to its developments, innovations, and the men and women who are designing the city of tomorrow.


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